16x25x4 Honeywell Pet Filter, Case of 3

16" x 25" x 4", Honeywell Pet Filter, Carbon Electrostatically Charged Media, Fits Honeywell F100B1016, F100F1012, F100F1038, F100F2002, F100F2010, F200E1029,CF100A1009, CF100A1041, CF200A1008, FC100A1029, FC200E1029, POPUP1625, CF100A1041, 203719, F35/35R FC35A1001, F100/150 FC100A1026/1029, F200 FC200E1029, 203719, MERV 11, Lasts Up To 1 Year, Effective Against Odor, Most Smoke, Pollen, Mold, Bacteria, Dust/Lint, Virus Carriers.