Black Jack 4.75 Gallon Elasto-Kool 700 Wht Elastomeric Roof Coating 5527-1-30

Black Jack, 4.75 Gallon, Elasto-Kool 700, 7 Year, White Elastomeric, Roof Coating

Flexes Up To 250% To Resist Damage, Ideal For Metal, Tile Or Bur Roofing

Seals Roofs For Longer Life, Helps Lower Cooling Costs Up To 20%

Highly Flexible, White Acrylic Latex Roof Coating, High Performance Product Resists Cracking & Peeling, Provides Highly Protective Barrier Against Sun's Heat & UV Rays, Helps To Cool Surfaces & Reduce Interior Temperatures

Energy Star Partner Rated.


WARNING: Cancer -