Premier 3.8 CUFT Pro Mix BX Compressed Bale 1038500RG Potting Seeding Mix

Premier 3.8 CUFT Pro Mix BX Compressed Bale. Offers a solution for growers/gardeners seeking the benefits of added vermiculite for improved nutrients availability and a perlite content providing limited but proper drainage capacities. This formulation is ideal for growers/gardeners looking for a general purpose medium which creates a well balanced growing environment. For annuals, perennials, foliage plants, potted flowering plants, vegetable transplants, greenhouse vegetables & indoor gardening. This product answers the needs of most growing applications. Light-weight, low bulk density. High water-holding capacity. Vermiculite improves nutrient retention. Active ingredient Mycorrhizae improves fertilizer uptake, reduces fertilizer costs, increases plant's resistance to stresses, reduces maintenance costs & optimizes results without changing growing practices.