Waterlox Quart medium sheen, original sealer/finish 25284

Quart medium sheen, Waterlox original sealer/finish, use only with traditional formulations, tung oil and resin varnish for use on all interior wood surfaces, multiple coats as a medium sheen or with other formulas as a last coat for a different shine level, forms a protective yet elastic finish against common household spills, moisture and foot traffic, used specifically for wood floors, wood countertops, paneling, woodwork, woodturning crafts, fly rods, gun stocks, table tops, antiques, cabinetry, doors and crafts. Spread rate: 125 square feet per quart per coat.

  • Hand-Made from Tung Oil and resin.
  • Produces a Medium Sheen.
  • Beautifies and protects wood. Enhances the wood's natural patina.
  • Use in multiple coats as a sealer and finish. As finish will render medium sheen.
  • Forms a protective finish that will not chip, peel, crack or wrinkle.
  • Spread Rate: 125 square feet per quart per coat.